Our Thanks To

The generous homeowners who have opened their homes to the public this weekend.

Architects who have shared their work with us.

Docents and cashiers who have volunteered their time on the tour.

Sponsors who have shared their products, services, and artisanry, and supported the Tour and AIA Austin.

Committee members and volunteers who make this event possible.

Tourgoers who celebrate their love of architecture with us

Special Thanks To

Leonid Furmansky
For Tour photography.

FÖDA Studio
For the award-winning generative system put in place in 2009 that is our Tour Identity, and creating our beautiful Tour booklet, graphics, and new mobile website.

Our wonderful ticket outlets

  • Articulture
  • Nannie Inez
  • Nest
  • Zinger Hardware

POM PR for publicizing the Tour


The 8 year evolving, asymmetric distorted polyhedral tessellation that is the Tour ‘Icon’ is a graphic map that depicts all homes of a given tour connected to all other homes. Movement in space is given primacy over any one destination.

Overlay and study of the 28 years of known tessellations depicts population density, trends in development, enduring neighborhoods, economic stratification, commuting distances, etc.


MinusculeDesigned by Thomas Huot-Marchand.Published by 256TM in 2007.


All paper used in the Tour catalog is FSC-certified to have been sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.