Barley | Pfeiffer Architecture

9015 McMeans Trail, 78737
New Construction

3,967 square feet

With soft, balanced natural light, remarkable comfort via passive solar control measures, energy efficiency without reliance on expensive and maintenance-intensive Green “gizmos”, and lower exterior maintenance, this home demonstrates that Modern style can respond well to our harsh summers in Central Texas, by design. The client desired the nexus of environmental stewardship with high-performance comfort and health attributes. Total reliance on rainwater collection, harmonious response to the site’s micro climate, excellent indoor air quality without the reliance on a separate mechanical system, enhanced natural ventilation strategies, and a lovely bug-free semi-outdoor living room that comfortably connects one to the outdoors are a few examples of the architect’s approach to Green by Design, which results in a home that exceeds the expectations of its owners—yet still treads lightly on its natural surroundings.

Project Team
Alan Barley, AIA
Peter Pfeiffer, FAIA
Matt Hart