A Parallel Architecture

1702 Channel Road, 78746
New Construction

6,452 square feet

Like a butterfly specimen pinned to its mounting, this lakefront home’s floating roof is anchored to its site by heavy limestone masses, while its horizontal footprint is spread out and sewn through the vertical punctuation of mature sycamore, cypress, and pecan trees. The resulting form reflects the organic character of its site, and offers a combination of transparency and solidity, tuned to capitalize on its relationship to the scenic, recreationally active lakefront. At the center of the home, the structural system is exposed to reveal a rhythmic steel vertebrate that organizes and provides definition and scale to the spacious primary public spaces. A warm interior palette of oak, mahogany, and cedar serve as a soft counterpoint to glass and stone, exuding a relaxed livability. Landscape is carefully understated while accommodating many amenities, including a large boat dock, fishing pier, sandy beach, and onsite services such as geothermal climate control, waste treatment, and water collection. 

Project Team

  • Eric Barth, AIA
  • Ryan Burke, AIA