Atlantis Architects

2805 Wooldridge Drive, 78703
Historic Remodel

2,770 square feet

The Darnall House has been 70 years in the making. Designed by Fehr and Granger, this house was possibly the first Austin flat roof home celebrating the International Style. Current owners carefully chose the architect and contractor to protect the 75-year-old structure while adding air conditioning, lighting, and updated plumbing. A new open kitchen looks out over Shoal Creek where previously a serving kitchen existed. A reworked screen porch takes advantage of the uphill breezes, while a cantilevered concrete deck allows for views of the UT Campus. Where preservation was necessary, care was taken to clean but not replace historic materials that have endured well including functional millwork, veneer limestone, and steel casements. When changes were needed, care was taken to select materials sympathetic to the original. The focus was on function and efficiency. The resulting remodeled home is true to its intent, finely crafted, and recognized as a City Landmark. 

Project Team

Derek Barcinski, AIA

Kelsey Jacobsen